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About Mermaid Seren

​Hello! I'm Mermaid Seren, a Welsh Mermaid in Shropshire.

Did you know? Seren means 'Star' in Welsh!

You can usually find me splashing around the North Wales coastline, in rivers, under waterfalls or taking a dip in a Shropshire mere! 

Sometimes, you'll spot me making an appearance in your local aquarium too!

As a professional mermaid, I'm a trained AIDA freediver, with 2* depth and 3* pool/theory. 

(Check out Apneists UK if you're interested in learning!)

I've even taken part in Miss Mermaid UK, and won the 1st Runner-Up Miss Mermaid Wales title in 2018!

Professional Mermaid Seren - Sea Life Manchester

I have studied Marine Zoology, and am also a Marine Mammal Medic for BDMLR.

Would you like me to appear at your party, event or special occasion? Get in touch!

Want to find out where my next public appearance is? Find out here!

Or just interested in mermaids? Have a look at my Facebook or Instagram to see what I'm up to, and subscribe to my newsletter!  


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Why do you have to come up for air?

It's a common misconception that mermaids can breathe underwater, we can't! 

Just like dolphins, whales and turtles - mermaids can hold their breath for a long time, but they eventually have to come up to the surface.

In 'The Little Mermaid', Ariel can walk on land - can you?

Yes! With a little bit of magic, I'm able to turn my tail into my land legs - and visa versa.

It's something we're able to choose to do, and when to do it (but we tend to do it when we're alone).

Mermaids are still a bit of a secret though, and not everyone believes in us, so if you see me with my land legs on, just give me a smile and a wave (we don't want any pirates to find out I'm a mermaid!).

Can I be a mermaid?

There is some special, secret magic that can turn humans into mermaids and mermen, but it does take a long time and you have to work towards it... not all magic happens straight away!

First of all, to earn your tail, you've got to prove that you care about the ocean. Here are some things that will help:

  1. Make sure you put all your litter in the bin, and recycle what you can

  2. Try and inspire others to care about the ocean and planet Earth - tell your friends to respect the outdoors

  3. Mermaids and Mermen are kind to everyone - humans AND animals. Try to smile at other people, care for your pet and don't be a bully!

Then, on your 16th birthday, you can say the magic words and ask for your tail! 

If you want to get some practise in before you're 16, you could get swimming lessons at a pool, and then once you're a competent swimmer; there are some things called 'monofins' that you put on your feet to help you swim like a fish!

Professional Mermaid Seren - Sea Life Manchester
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