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Fishy February; A-Z of a Mermaid's Friends (E)

E - Eel

This Moray Eel is looking pretty relaxed 😎 Did you know: Electric Eels are no myth! They have special organs that release powerful electric charges of up to 650 volts! (...shocking! 🙊) ⚠️

- There are 940 species of true eels, which include freshwater and deep-sea eels - The UK has 2 genuine ocean species of eel (European Eel & Conger Eel), as well as several other eel-like creatures that are actually classed as fish - Some eels can live as long as 80 years! - The majority of eel species are nocturnal - Baby eels are called Elvers - Eels only tend to attack when they feel threatened, but their bites will hurt, as they have a lot of very sharp teeth The European Eel is critically endangered. It is on Greenpeace’s “Seafood Red List” - please make sure you’re eating sustainably sourced fish (check Marine Conservation Society) and avoid eating Eel.


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