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Fishy February; A-Z of a Mermaid's Friends (G)

G - Guitarfish

(bonus G - Grace!)

Guitarfish belong to the genus ‘Rhinobatis’ - and this is a combination of the Greek word "rhine" meaning shark and the Latin word "batis" meaning ray! Guitarfish are bottom-feeders that bury themselves in mud or sand and eat worms, crabs, and clams. They generally live close to the coastline. They’re known for their elongated body with flattened head & trunk and small ray-like wings - that looks like a guitar. 🎸

BONUS! Grace is a lovely mermaid who enjoys singing and blowing bubble hearts! And this Guitarfish loved swimming around her! Grace swims with Performance Mermaids but also runs Hire A Mermaid UK and Mermaid Army!


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