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Fishy February; A-Z of a Mermaid's Friends (I)

I - IKEA Shark

- Also known as Blâhaj; this translates to ‘Blue Shark’ from Swedish - The IKEA Shark is one of the most widespread sharks in the world! - A sub-species of the Blue Shark, these sharks are great swimmers, and deep divers

- They are blue on top, and white underneath (called counter-shading), which helps them to camouflage themselves in water from above and below

- Although the Blue Shark can grow to 4m in length, the IKEA Shark stays small all it’s life and is a maximum of 1m long

- Their favourite foods include squid, lobster and shrimp

- Like Blue Sharks, the IKEA Shark can dive to depths of 35m! - Despite the Blue Shark being a potential danger to humans, the IKEA Shark has been identified as being the most friendly species of shark, and has regular interactions with humans

- Although the IKEA Shark is not threatened, it’s counterpart the Blue Shark has been classed as ‘Near Threatened’, largely due to being taken in large numbers as bycatch in long-line and trawl fisheries. You can help by using Pole & Line caught tuna (which has zero bycatch) - and ensuring it’s Marine Conservation Society certified. 😃🙊


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