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Fishy February; A-Z of a Mermaid's Friends (V)

V - Very Small Starfish

Starfish are my favourites. Did you know Seren means Star? 💫 There are over 2,000 species of starfish - and none of them have brains, or blood, and digest food outside their body!! This is a little Cushion Star! ✨ • These little starfish are about 5cm wide! • They have a puffy appearance, like a cushion! • They’re found on all Southern and Western coasts of the UK • They can live down to 100m! • Their main diet is algae, but they have been known to scavenge on decaying seaweed or animals • They move using their system of tube feet - which you can see here! • They can regenerate an arm if they lose one! • All Cushion Stars are born male! They are protandrous hermaphrodites, and will turn into females later in life! • When rockpooling, be careful to leave everything as you found it and replace any rocks or seaweed you move out of the way. Visit The Wildlife Trust to learn more about rockpool life.


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