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Fishy February; A-Z of a Mermaid's Friends (Y)

Y - Yellow Cavalli

Also known as a Crevalle Jack, these are fast swimming, silver, bony fish (despite the blue tint of this picture!) They can grow to over 4ft long, but are more regularly between 1-2ft long. The heaviest Yellow Cavalli found was around 35kg! Favourite foods include prawns, shrimp and crabs - along with the occasional cephalopod. These fish live between 0-350m deep in tropical & sub-tropical open and coastal marine waters, with adults preferring the deeper waters compared to the juveniles. Studies suggest the temperatures under 9C are fatal for this species. They are schooling fish, but large adults may be found in solidarity. In open water, they will herd bait fish into a tight ball, then rush in from all sides! In shallow water, they’ll chase smaller fish onto beaches or against sea walls, in order to feed! Yellow Cavalli’s have “adipose eyelids”, which are transparent eyelids that cover some (or all) of the eye. The true purpose of these is not known, but the four theories are: 1. They act as a lens; increasing the ability to focus 2. They provide the capability to see polarised light 3. They may block ultraviolet light 4. They serve as a physical barrier from anything floating in the water


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