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Fishy February; A-Z of a Mermaid's Friends (C)

C - Cuttlefish

“Chameleons of the sea” Can you spot this baby cuttlefish hiding? (Baby cuttlefish are called cuttlets 😍) - Cuttlefish are experts at hide and seek - they’re able to camouflage themselves and can mimic the colour, shape and texture of objects around them - even though they’re colourblind! - They have excellent vision, and their unique ‘W’ shaped pupils are able to help control the intensity of light entering their eyes, and allow them to look backwards! - There are over 120 species of cuttlefish around the world, and they can be found in UK waters, down to 200m! - Cuttlefish have 3 hearts, and blue-green blood! - Like most cephalopods, cuttlefish are able to release clouds of ink when threatened. They also have a beak in between their arms which can be used to break shells off their food - Cuttlefish eggs are known as “sea grapes” due to the way they’re bunched together. Keep an eye out for the rubbery, black clusters in the Spring


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